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Pellequr Signature
3-step treatment to unclog pores and excrete toxins, for relaxation and smooth glowing skin.
  • 75 Minutes
Pellequrâ‚“ Signature
An upgrade to our essential Pellequr Signature scrub, utilizing the unique healing powers of our proprietary CBD Salve.
  • 75 Minutes



Olaplex #3 or
ILES Formula
10 min $35


20 min $25

Hand & Feet Massage

20 min $25

Face Mask

20 min $25-35


10 min $15


Step 1: Vichy Shower

As you lay on a padded table, you are given a relaxing water massage treatment followed by a body scrub.

Benefits: reduction of toxins and waste, improvement of natural elimination system, alleviation of stress response through skin nerve stimulation

Step 2: Traditional Korean Full Body Scrub

Using our Korean Italy Towel, your technicians will exfoliate and remove layers of dead skin cells and impurities, resulting in smooth and rejuvenated skin.

Benefits: improvement of skin texture and color, skin hydration, clearing of blemishes, reduction of stress, detoxification, blood circulation, lymphatic drainage

Step 3: Wash and Massage

A full body wash (including head and scalp massage during hair wash), followed by a personalized Swedish massage, blends long, flowing and circulatory strokes to restore a calm mind and body.

Benefits: relaxation, improved mood, promotion of breathing

*Pellequr has a 24hr cancellation policy. If an appointment is missed, cancelled or changed with less than 24hrs notice, it will incur the full charge.

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