“Pellequr is a place where women can feel regal, to re-engage their inner selves, and to focus on re-discovering their love of self in order to love others more fully. My dream is, and always will remain, to provide a place for women to escape the struggle of their life and find true beauty.”

Anna Margaryan


About Pellequr

Anna Margaryan – Founder /CEO Pellequr Spa, Beverly Hills.

Anna’s 20+ year background stems from Bookkeeping, Beauty school, and since 2006 managing one of Beverly Hills’s best kept secrets – Peak Wellness.

Anna leaned heavily on her own experience as a new mother in 2010 when faced the complications of postpartum depression, anxiety and pain along with running a business, and maintaining a healthy family. Needing a moment of calm and clarity of her own, a personal friend insisted she join her at a Korean Spa and Body Scrub. Despite initial angst, Anna’s experience was transformative. Body scrub, running water, and human touch finally provided her with a much-needed interlude of peace and tranquility, which fostered an overall sense of well-being.

Wanting to share her discovery with other women, in 2018 Pellequr Spa was born. A place where women can escape the daily stressors of life and just “take a moment” and find clarity in self. Pellequr grew into a marriage of the elements of empathetic human touch, cleansing running water, calming and healing.

With the unwavering support of her husband, business partners, and technicians, Anna has created a method of healing, relaxation, and wellness fit for the queens of our modern society.

The Spa Experience

Centuries in the Making