Pellequr Head Spa Treatment

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Head Spa Treatment

Multi- Step Treatment that combines scalp cleansing, a relaxing head massage, scalp and hair treatment. All elements work together to preserve the hair, promoting a clean scalp free of buildup while relaxing the mind and stimulating the senses. Read the steps process below.

60 Minutes  |  225 USD


Add On

Blow Dry (No Hot Tool Styling)


Head Spa Treatment cannot be done for clients who have hair extensions.

What are the 


-Detoxes hair and scalp
-Relaxes body and mind
-Eases headaches and eye strain
-Restores hair’s volume from the scalp
-Alliviates scalp issues- preventing hair loss, dandruff, and odor
-Anti-aging effects such as softening facial lines by improving sagging scalp

*Pellequr has a 24hr cancellation policy. If an appointment is missed, cancelled or changed with less than 24hrs notice, it will incur the full charge.

A 20% gratuity  charge is added to all Services

The Process

Stage 1 Process

Step 1: Consultation

Technician will use a microscopic camera to determine if your scalp is oily or dry. You will be able to see your current scalp health and built-up.  Consulation will include discussing your current hair concerns.

You may pick your aroma oil.
Options include Geranium, Cedar Wood, Herbal Mint, or Bitter Citrus.

Pellequr Step 2

Step 2: Cleanse/ Scalp Treatment

Technician will lay you down on the scalp treatment bed and begin your serivce. Utilizing hands and hair tools, your scalp will get a treatment and shampoo. 

This step is focused on massaging the scalp and applying your chosen aroma oil.

Pellequr Stage 3

Step 3: Hair Treatment

Bringing focus to the hair, step 3 will smooth out your hair. Choosing either hydration or glow, the technician will apply treatment to the hair. 

This step will end in a massage before wrapping your hair in a dry towel. 

Pellequr Stage 3

Step 4: Blow Dry Add On

Blow Dry Add On must be requested in advance. Blow dry will include the technician adding oil to the hair and blow out.

This does not include styling or any hot tools. A blow dryer and round brush will be used during this step.