Simply Kohl Eyeliner- The Method

Simply Kohl Eyeliner- The Method

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Pure Eyeliner Pigment  From Moroccan Minerals

10g Pure BLACK Köhl Eyeliner Pigment From Morocco’s Organic Agriculture. Test on Skin Before Use. Comes with its glass stick-shaped  applicator
SUPPLY Can last 6 months – a year
Use F-ing Beautiful Rose Oil to turn your Köhl into liquid liner & to remove residue during application, it will brighten your eyes, and give you eye contour glow & sheen 

 Ingredients produced without the addition of additives or chemicals.
Ingredients produced in an ethical, responsible, sustainable manner that cares for the environment and where future sustainability is maintained.
Openness in where the raw materials used in  ingredients come from and how they are converted into the ingredients used in our products.
Consumers expect that the products they use are produced according to the highest safety standards defined by regulatory requirements and industry “Best Practice”.

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