LIMITED EDITION Coconut Zen Pen- Pellequr x WOO More Play


LIMITED EDITION Pellequr x Woo More Play Zen Pen
After Sex Coconut Zen Pen

Zen Pens are not E Cigarettes! There is no nicotine or tobacco. No synthetic ingredients. There is also 0% THC therefore Zen Pens cannot give you a psychoactive effect. Zen Pens are flavored CBD vaporizer pens to help with daily anxiety, mind clarity, and promote better sleep.

Inhale from the top end of the Zen Pen and a light will go on towards the bottom end as you are inhaling. It will turn off on its own when you stop. Adjust usage to preference. No universal dosage.
100 puffs. No refills. No batteries. No chargers.
Simply dispose once the light starts blinking and it is time for a new one!

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