HINTZ Massage Candle- WOO More Play


A meltable, pourable, and cum-able candle for massaging your things, his things; all the things. Smooth and soft, it’s the best wick you’ll ever have. An intoxicating aroma of sandalwood, papyrus, cardamom & other fragrance notes that smell like sex. Burn time is approximately 40 hours, so yes – you can keep going.

Body safe and sex friendly massage candle – 7.5 oz | 213 g

Why You Should Use It:

  • Easiest sex thing since swiping right.
  • Aromas to put you in the mood; aka it smells fucking amazing.
  • Light and smooth, it’s the perfect consistency for massaging (and orgasming).
  • Makes being naked even more fun and flirty.
  • Naturally hydrating and moisturising ingredients.
  • Safe for all parts and positions.
  • Solo or partnered play welcome.

How to Use:

Light, wait, pour, play.
Blow to finish.
(Grab a blindfold for extra fun.)

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