Kim Kardashian Says She’s ‘Obsessed’ With CBD Beauty Products

Kim Kardashian, as well as other celebs, swear by CBD cosmetics. The latest trend in beauty stands for cannabidiol, a compound found in the cannabis plant’s flowers, leaves and stem, which is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pain and swelling. In beauty products, CBD moisturizes, heals irritation, balances oil and minimizes signs of aging.

The reality star, 38, recently shared her love of CBD products on her Instagram Story. “Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with CBD everything! This is not an ad lol my fave right now is @pellequr,” Kardashian wrote. Pellequr is a Beverly Hills spa that offers proprietary products infused with CBD oil, such as the Pellequr CBD Salve. Treatments at the wellness center range from a ten minute scalp massage for $15 to a three-step treatment that includes a facial cleansing, shampoo and conditioning to unclog pores and expel toxins that takes 75 minutes and costs $195.

Kristen Bell is another star that has professed her love of CBD products, including the Lord Jones High CBD Body Lotion, which retails for $60. The soothing body lotion promises to restore moisture after a workout, a night out and numerous other situations that can take a toll on your skin. In Bell’s case, she says the lotion relieved her back pain after all other remedies had failed. She tends to use the lotion after working out or before appearing on the red carpet.

Meanwhile, Emma Roberts says she is “in love” with Mazz Hanna CBD products, such as Mazz Hannah Carnelian Infusion Skin Salve, Mazz Hanna Citrine Infusion Effervescent Bath Tonic, Mazz Hanna Magnifier Quartz Infusion Essential Oil and Mazz Hanna Smoky Quartz Infusion Foot Spray.

Hanna, a certified crystal healer and aromatherapist, produces custom crystal elixirs based on her client’s energetic needs. Her personalized treatments have attracted celebrity clients like Julia Roberts and Selma Blair. She has recently introduced her line of CBD products, which feature a nourishing blend of natural ingredients, like vitamin E, shea butter and therapeutic grade essential oils, as well as CBD to soothe sore muscles.

For affordable CBD products, try Holland & Barrett’s CBD Muscle Balm, which retails for under $15. The balm includes capsicum as well as CBD and hemp seed extract work to soothe muscles, relieve pain and hydrate skin. The brand’s CBD line also includes a serum, day cream and night cream.

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